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Nobody Else @avxnbiebur do you need printer cartridges? I know a cheap place
FaceAndHair My husband printed me eyeshadow racks for my individual eyeshadows using his 3D printer!!
Struct Mat Bot Trick Light (1984). Reflexive studies of the optical printer. 36 minutes, B/W, sound.
thisMorning-THANKYOU Thank you such a big printer !
rigved Hp laser printer, black and white, 1020
Fadzlina 🌺 Ni kali ke dua printer ni terendam dalam air. If you survived this time, I'll make sure your tuan takkan memekak dah every time your ink habis even ink kamu mahal. HAHA
Printrbot Prusa came by today. Always good to see him. He just stood there a while, staring at the printrbelt. “What is it?” he said. “It’s a 3d printer.” ;) I got the biggest kick out of it.
Chretien Kringles I Don't Think the Motherfucker Printer Is Working Anymore.
edtech education edchat Airhead Education This 3D-printed bicycle is stronger than titanium
sale Save on Electronics Canon Pixma iP100 Portable Inkjet Printer - Great sale savings 50%off
Dhaval Patel Suggestion needed:Best Printer for Home Usage???
Alt If all goes plan, I'll be spending this evening by my printer getting refsheets printed for all of the critters that have appeared in my cast since the last con.
FullDarke I liked a @YouTube video the mii channel theme but it's played using a 3D printer ♪ ♫
Answer Raisa Belousova Why does my kodak printer not print black Answer
sale Save on Electronics Epson Stylus Pro 3880 A2+ Ultrachrome Photo Printer - Great sale savings 50%off
Emily Just so you know, my gf got me an instax mini printer for my birthday and I’m gonna print this out and put it on my wall
Christian Schaffner Air Printer by Pilcrow App Review via @reviewster
Thor 'Wics' I have a video going up tomorrow, probably. Then once I find a decent printer store, T-shirt’s and caps will be up.
sale Save on Electronics Cubify 385000 2nd Generation Cube 3D Printer – Blue - Great sale savings 50%off
MIndYourOwnBusiness This 3D-printed bicycle is stronger than titanium
Innovator56 Scale 3D Printer Motorized Turbine Engine!: via @YouTube
Dank Dark Dream #DDD I liked a @YouTube video Family Guy - Peter uses a 3D Printer
jay-es19 💖💜💙 @/our please get the id printer fixed. I need my id
ANYCUBIC I liked a @YouTube video the mii channel theme but it's played using a 3D printer ♪ ♫
Shrimp Crescendo The professor got a 3d printer to print little tools to measure max snake gape and every time i come into his office he spends 10 minutes geeking out over it and how much he loves it and he makes me check out all of the probes he recently finished printing
sale Save on Electronics Formfutura 1.75mm ApolloX – White – 3D Printer Filament - Great sale savings 50%off
latenight lifeofaPhDstudent whatsummerbreak Jennifer Bourgeois Wireless of the best technology advancements. Printing out stuff from the comfort of my bed. latenight lifeofaPhDstudent whatsummerbreak
RaeAnn Besides Dunder Mifflin, where is the best place to fill my paper product needs? I bought a printer (not a Sabre, didn’t want to burn the house down) and now need paper.
Daniel Palacios Looking for a new inkjet printer. Any recommendations?
AIBigDataCloudIoTBot _Vas_Panagiotis : From Life Synthesis to Robot Synthesis I am printing 3D!: Starting with 3D-printing, even if you don not own a 3D-printer. :
Zora @ TCAF 279 I made some VERY cute newsletters for today!! Printed on my b&w laser printer with newsprint I pulled out of a pad on my shelf and then cropped to letter size. The awesome bird-creature is by my bud Cynthia, whose twitter I somehow don’t have!
AlpineSwiss Michael Prete Great picture from my Kodak mini printer of my mom and me, purchased on AlpineSwiss
3dprinting B3dge Printrbot Metal Simple 3D Printer, Assembled, 6″ x 6″ x 6″ build volume, Black -
gubat Riso printer for my birthday yes pls thank you
Raaaaaandy Exactly. USB type A (old school printer ones).... amiright?
EXUS42 TheLittleGentleman EXUS42 This is the 25 followers beach special thing that I've been making! I apologize for the poor quality, I gotta scan everything through my printer and it likes to fade the lines out a bit.
♡ janine ♡ My cat just straight chillin on my printer
Onpoli OntarioVotes Jill Mahoney A printer making fake ID, a bus taking people to vote 500 km away + an unlikely power broker named Snover Dhillon. @kahowlett and I investigate voting irregularities at PC nominations under Patrick Brown Onpoli OntarioVotes
Chammmyyyyy This is why I stan Grayson he thinks the same way as me. I even thought about that printer thing but I didn't know that it'll be by the time their 94.
🖤 Gotta buy a printer for my laptop
pigment ink pigmentink printer inkjet SOFIA Colorpro 1⃣️Pigment Ink pigment ink pigmentink printer inkjet
frodo 🌻 | 13 Well folks it’s That time of month again where i go through the many papers i have situated on the printer, the place where i put them when i’m finished drawing on them for now! it’s gonna be a wild ride and a long thread ahead, so i’d like to christen it with this masterpiece.
KnoRe:Me This 3D-printed bicycle is stronger than titanium
Cloutmaster Pericles🌹 PDF proofing is simultaneously the most boring and most stressful thing in the world, it's been like an hour and we've only done 15 out of 60 pages lmao (there has also been lots of printer stress but it's good it's fine) Gadget-Wagon 3 nos 2 pin plug socket extension plug socket for TV set, set top box , DVD player PC, Appliances, Printer, Office, Home usage
BillMeetScienceTwitter BradyHoover Designs Hey @BillNye I'm a 3d printer builder/tester/promoter and I can't believe 3d printing hasn't been featured yet in 3 seasons of your new show! BillMeetScienceTwitter
Tatii💋 Found a label printer if anyone wants to buy it for me 🙃 i need it
Quint I lost one of the cable/charger adapters for my printer and I ended up buying a new one. Just as well since the old one was 9 years old. Sigh.
B3dge Printrbot Metal Simple - 3D Printer, 6”x”6”x6” build volume
Paul Homes I took a risk and got rid of all my parallel printer cables the other day. Reduced my collection of VGA and serial cables too (but kept 1 or 2 of those just in case).
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