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Jul 17, 2012

Samsung Introduces New A4 Printer/MFP Line

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today announced a new line of A4 color laser and multi-function printers (MFPs) for businesses of all sizes. This new fleet of powerful, intuitive printers offer superior performance, color quality and ergonomic design and have been specifically developed to enhance the efficiency of the workplace. The new 19/4 ppm CLP-365W and CLX-3305FW, the 19/19 ppm CLP-415NW and CLX-4195FW and the 25/25 ppm CLP-680ND and CLX-6260 series printers offer new image enhancing technology, improved processors and compact designs for easy work flow management.

“By leveraging our extensive knowledge in quality, design and the printer industry, we have been able to develop our own original technology based on our digital expertise,” said Tod Pike, senior vice president of Samsung’s Enterprise Business Division. “The result is the most state-of-the-art A4 printer/MFPs to-date – an unrivalled differentiator that provides our customers with the ability to experience true technology convergence. Samsung is committed to this category and the channel that supports it and we are confident we can offer the required added value asked by businesses in a modern world.”

Samsung CLP-365W

Samsung CLP-365W

Image Enhancing Technology And Quality

All the new A4 series printers/MFPs are built with Samsung’s latest image processing technology, ReCP (Rendering Engine for Clean Pages). Among the improvements is precise color trapping, which compensates for misaligned edges and removes white gaps between solid colors. In addition, the new A4 series printers/MFPs provide composite color reduction, which removes anomalous dots along edges to create razor sharp text and graphics.

The units also benefit from exceptionally sharp image quality and optimum printing results, thanks to Samsung’s polymerized toner. The toner particles are chemically grown, and are smaller and more uniform than typical pulverized toner. This toner can be applied in a thinner layer and requires less heat to fuse. The result is a brighter, more vivid image, with reduced page curl and lower power consumption while printing.

Powerful, Efficient Processor

With print speeds of 19/4 ppm to 25/25 ppm, the units provide fast, reliable and economical performance for businesses of all sizes.

For more processing power and faster print speeds, the CLP-415 series and the CLP-415NW and up are built with a dual CPU (central processing unit). This ensures top performance of complex jobs and faster processing than conventional CPU devices for maximum productivity.

Samsung’s Mobile Print App enables users to print and scan from any mobile device with any Samsung network or wireless printer without the need for a computer.

Compact And Ergonomic Design

Through the convergence of technology and optimized design, the new printers/MFPs are now more compact and lighter than many competitive models, leaving maximum office space. Samsung revolutionized the design by separating the interface and storage zone of a printer for ergonomic usage, providing a cleaner, more compact look. The units’ small footprints take up little space, enabling a more efficient workspace.

In addition, the CLP-365W and CLX-3305FW have sound levels 48 decibels or lower (about the level of a normal conversation), to help eliminate unwanted noise pollution.

Effective Cost Control With The Easy Eco Driver And Eco Mode

Cost is as important to businesses as exceptional color quality and fast printing speeds. Samsung’s award-winning* Easy Eco Driver enables enterprises to effectively manage printing options. The Eco-simulator within the driver allow customers to set up their preference and it shows how much toner, electricity and paper has been saved in real-time, depending on the settings of the user.

In addition, the one-touch Eco button instantly activates Eco mode, which by default prints in grayscale, multiple pages to a side, skips blank pages, and prints on both sides of the page on machines with standard duplex.

Print From Any Device

Samsung’s Mobile Print App enables users to print and scan from any mobile device with any Samsung network or wireless printer without the need for a computer. Users are able to print images, PDFs, web-pages and even Microsoft® Office documents. And all the latest color laser printers and MFPs that are Wi-Fi enabled also have Wi-Fi Direct, which allows compatible mobile devices to connect directly to the printer, without the need of an access point.

The Samsung Mobile Print App can be easily downloaded to the users’ smartphone or tablet. The application supports Android, Windows and iOS mobile platforms.


As part of Samsung’s commitment to the environment, all the latest color models are ENERGY STAR® qualified, and all toner is eligible for Samsung’s S.T.A.R. Program, a free service that recycles empty cartridges into their major usable component materials and then reuses for other products. Single and bulk returns are available.

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