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nicoco ( ͒•ㅈ• ͒) | 데이로터스 fangirl ♡ I was supposed to print pictures but i fell asleep on my printer instead 😵‍💫😵‍💫
Big Country News Salmon River Public Library Receives ARPA Funding to Replace Existing Public Computers and Printer
AnOnALLREDToDoRoJo🍀 Have a printer at home? 5 critical security steps to keep hackers out
Skyler Doyle Anyone ever had issues with their HP printer not printing black ink?
Channing. Bout to tear up DB printer trying to print 137pgs 😑
Jordan Hefler | DO WHAT YOU WANT Do any of y’all have a plug on a good site or local printer that prints custom trucker hats? like the vintage looking foam/mesh ones
Leslee Mitchell Went to use my printer today and it’s not working. Then remembered how it had fallen off the top shelf of the closet it stays in. Guessing that’s maybe why it won’t work
David Kopec What's the best Web forum for getting advice about business printers? I'm looking for a color laser printer that can print borderless photo quality prints on cardstock. Or maybe there's a fast non-laser that can do this. I'm not sure where to ask about this
CyberSecurity News JonGood Jon Good Nasty Windows Printer Driver Vulnerability - - CyberSecurity News JonGood
Austin Sawyer Garrett only responds to my texts if he needs to use my printer
da bones kitty 🦁🦴 Angy at the 3d printer but i do not have time to troubleshoot rn so i guess im poking at it tomorrow morning
Kai I bought a new VCR the other day. The old one I used for the two VHS vids broke. I put in an old, dirty tape and it stopped working right. So instead of finding a "Cleaning Cassette" to fix it, I just bought a new VCR. It's like buying a new printer when you run out of ink
Larry McCauley So good to hear my 3D printer working. So good to be back making stuff
Dr. Margaret Sheble I love that in the year 2021 I get to fight the printer at FedEx so I can turn in a physical copy of my dissertation after already paying a $125 fee to digitally turn in my dissertation. Love it.
Solid (Drawin'/Vibin') Guys, I'm cursed af. They're after me. The printer demons! 👾👀
formlabs 3dprinting additivemanufacturing Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine Introducing our new Formlabs printer.... the Form 3L! With a larger platform, we are able to print bigger parts, selecting from a variety of materials to help us plan patient care. formlabs 3dprinting additivemanufacturing
Uni Animal crossing new horizons dropped the ball so hard. the start of quarantine was DOMINATED by animal crossing, and then they left it to rot so everyone but the hardcore fanbase got bored and left. They could have made such a niche game into a long-term money printer but said no
Hourly Idia Fuhihi…… The armor is quite durable since it was made with a 3D printer. How much did it cost to make? If you care about that sorta stuff, you’ll lose
aidan ★ Waiting for my dad to walk away from the printer so i can print genshin papercrafts 🧍
polarbearjohn The only thing worse than printer issues are monitor issues
Genny Quiet day of work when you come drifting through my mind. The sky is a bit bluer. Trees stand proud and taller. Even the clover calls all the bees to hover around. I smile before returning to work and listening to printer sounds. Goodnight. Enjoy your one shot at life
David’s Bot I highly dislike all printers apple make a printer and ill buy it
Z_Z Oh my printer came with ink….. i’m about to go crazy printing out my art
average 5* barton enjoyer I could never work in sales cause i look at the price of our biggest, newest, shiniest printer and go "SHEEEEEEESH"
Neffels So @HP apparently updated my printer to need an app to print something from my phone. Without it it'll just spit out blank pieces of paper 2 apps if I want full access to it So I'll never be buying a hp printer
Inuranchan I've been trying to fix my printer for 3 hours. Please help me pray to the printer gods, I just wanna print things
tam . ♌️ Bro . i’m over here having a fit because my printer not working . whole time i had my watch usb cord hooked up to my computer 🤣🤣
3dprinting 3dconstruction constructiontechnology housingforall Alquist See our printer in action thanks to this amazing video created by @virginia_tech 🙌 3dprinting 3dconstruction constructiontechnology housingforall
Eric Felkey Neighbors at work this morning Office Space’d the hell out of this printer, I’m jealous I missed out
Ted Akari 💡 Cant believe I was looking for an open library & this whole time I forgot we have a printer
valeria⁵ $21 I just got a printer from goodwill im really excited to see if it works 🥺
serena ⁷ So my printer broke today & now i need to get a new one. does anyone know any good printers for card stock, stickers, & more?
Jesper Wille I get what you mean, @donttrythis, re. the title question 😝 I'm taking MONTHS to re-model an Aliens pulse rifle for printing on my far too small printer. Not only to get my used-to-regular-building head around dozens of parts; I also have... 1/
Miga Macintosh Quadra with printer, mouse, keyboard and manuals. Infiniti G35 not included. (seriously, you had no other place to take a picture besides the hood of your car? That's just goofy.)
Squid Ink SquidCheck offers print and verification of the bar codes printed on your cases, trays, or other products. SquidCheck utilizes bar code readers from Cognex and is integrated with a Squid Ink printer to ensure codes are present, scannable, and accurate. Watch below to learn more!
PaulWallride2laserflip Out of what?? Toilet paper? Out of the bathroom stall in a crowded airport?? Out of toner for ya printer??
Lucas.T If anyone is interested in portable 3D printing (or a new take on what a 3D printer could be) I would highly recommend this video by KRALYN_3D!
LongReadHotMug Arved Werner Kirschbaum LongReadHotMug N.15: Never trust your printer 🖨️ Today: Der Drucker hat sie verraten - Adrienne Fichter
MRC, A Xerox Company What exactly are the advantages of multifunction printers? Find out everything you need to know about multifunction printer uses, benefits, and what to consider when buying one.
Daniel Hinton The benefits of being a Cantillionaire don’t stop at the money printer.
Fusion3 3D Printers Fusion3's rigorous testing process provides our customers with optimized settings for each material. Learn more at:
Usagi Tsukino Tyler is that guy at work who has a GF but wants to stand too close to you when you're at the printer or by the fridge
piss entrepreneur All fax no printer i am about to do an irish jig in traffic
Danny 'The Haikuist' Voicu I need a label printer so I don't have to remind myself how awful my handwriting can be when sending something out... lmao 🥲
c͏҉͏̡͟h̨̀͢͡ĺ͡o͝҉̸͜e, walking exigent circumstance I need access to a 3d printer. for d&d purposes
Deelzmart 404 Pack 410X Toner Cartridges Replacement for HP Laser Jet pro
DigiBlogChat Charlie & Alyx - Charlie Appel Agency A4 If I went remote for work I'd need - a camera and microphone for webinars, an additional monitor, Bluetooth headset (seriously that thing makes my life so much easier), a better printer for when I need to do things the old fashioned way -Alyx DigiBlogChat
sofia 🌸💖 Mayb im just in denial but i feel like tracking my cals via my notes app rather than on mfp or whatever is so much better for my mental state. like im so much less strict with my intake, i feel comfortable eating more + more variety too
Karan Singla Printer 🖨 Tom morning on these call options if there’s minimal IV squeeze and holds up
Berrawi I'm adding as much $APTY as I can before TDA deadline! It will eventually be a money printer...Those selling sub-penny are either MMs scaring people out of their shares or clueless OTC clowns, not seasoned traders/investors IMO
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