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worklifebalance Madelyn Rosenberg has a sly sense of the absurd. This morning: Connected work computer to home printer. Brought tie-dye in from rain. Tried to find non-messy parts of house for Book Joy Live (today at 3 EDT.) Set up work meeting. Created summary for my boss. Wrote this tweet. worklifebalance
Jada Rose This printer plays too much, ma bise print b&w eta print color tog... it’s a man
jos Why doesn’t mfp put a green sign when i log an apple or banana?? it does w strawberries or tangerines but not w apples????? i thought they were healthy:(
Aki 🔪 Having a 3d printer has become so normal to me, I forget not everyone has one
Andy Smith Hey @Farnell_Avnet, I bought a Creality 3D printer from you. It had this terrifying contraption in the box. You may want to remove these and replace them with a nice BS1363 marked IEC cable, because these certainly won’t be passing any safety tests!
adafruit industries Learn how a keypad matrix works with a micro:bit @microbit_edu
SSP I think $CLIS is gonna enter money printer mode the next few days. Already shown in the last week it don’t take much to move it up a lot
pulisgooddeeds Ist ISPMFC Personnel of 1st MFP, 1st ISPMFC led by PEMS Jesus Tabalan provided free transportation to Rhea Gasmen, Joan Marie Realin and Anita Peralta on their respective destination in relation to Libreng Sakay handog ni Manong Pulis. pulisgooddeeds
Auntie Jellyfish The one way in which 2020 A level results are better than when I got mine... they don't come via a dot matrix printer so you don't have that moment when what initially looked like a B proves to be an E
Matt Colbeck I don't think there's any frustration greater than having a 'cannot connect to printer' prompt with a dearth of advice as to (a) why your laptop cannot connect to the printer and (b) why the connection has been lost in the first place.
PrayForErica Foreigners Throb_Tek PTY LTD Do You Need a Toner Cartridge or an Ink Cartridge for Your Printer? Think Throb Tek Office and Stationery Supplier. Contact Us on ☎️ 011 568 0635 ☎️Cell/Whatsapp: 081 554 1262 📩 PrayForErica Foreigners
Edward Lauder Who owns a printer in 2020? COVID-19 might have helped printer sales because of all the worthless bits of paper we've been told we need to print out if we go outside
FilAm NJ Teenage brothers use 3D printer to make worker face shields - Los Angeles Times
The Register: Summary Ink-tank printers flew off distributors' shelves in the first half of this year and onto the desks of work-from-home employees, providing one of the brighter spots for printer land in the first half of 2020. Sales of the devices, which are sold pre-loa...
🌻 It's been 18 hours and I'm still laughing uncontrollably about creed colouring his hair jet black with printer ink and calling people bruhhhh
internlife Bazza Alzouman Every time I take a piece of paper off the printer I remember how I got yelled at by the PR manager at my former fashion internship for touching HER printed paper, which she then threw away dramatically and reprinted.. internlife
Ayesha Masala Lol the way my printer just refuses to connect to the WiFi 🥴
chyphens Changed printer ink, printed out letters to specialists and addressed them, wrote scary cover letter to other specialist & sent by email and letter too! 😤
em I’m going to need the district to pay for the printer I had to buy for virtual school okay thanks
drawingaugust attenboroughnaturereserve dailysketch Anjana Cawdell Quick sketch this morning at Attenborough nature reserve on a third of an A4 printer paper drawingaugust attenboroughnaturereserve dailysketch William Caxton, the first to print in English, was born on this day in 1422. Teaching ideas here:
I Am Putra Wasted like 10 sheets of paper to fix my printer,😭
Printer karen jodes How to Get Your Offline Printer Back to Work? Printer Printers have been a part of productive technology for a long time now, but it still isn’t perfect. source:
Patrick Fitzgerald After printing a few dozen pages of this rainbow colored garbage, my brand new @lexmark C3224dw laser printer now just outputs blank pages
JAEMIN DAY !! I got a printer and what’s the first thing i’m going to print ? that’s right mark lee
Alexis Nicole💋 I really want a label printer 😭
Emotions Invented by the Internet The blurry feeling of regret after your printer 👎
koo-doh doo? dah-boo I literally drew one circle in CSP before i decided actually i want to make an inspiration board and i have to go drag out my printer and everything
MJM x2 💙 My mama asked me what I wanted for my bday I said a printer. Now let’s see if I get my mf printer!
batman dccomics pencils inks John Muniz Art Batman pencils and inks on some printer jammed printer paper I didn’t want to waist... 🤷‍♂️ batman dccomics pencils inks
ᴹ ⁱˢ ᵗⁱʳᵉᵈ Zoom audio na all working when you’re testing but suddenly acts up when it’s your turn to speak. Similar to a printer, it smells and feeds on fear and anxiety, it will not work when you need it the most! 😣
Gabby⁷ 💖 I really would love to buy a printer so that I can make my own pcs too 😿
TWiT Tech Podcasts Fresh out of the podcast printer! Here's a brand new episode of "This Week in Google 572: Cafe Ground Zero" Subscribe and listen here>
carter hambley What happens between the ages of 25 and 30 that makes you need a printer
Sunny Zhao High speed printer machine for Ukrain customer 来自 @YouTube
Wide Format Online On hold: Trump administration's decision to entrust USD$765 million of taxpayer money to @Kodak has raised questions about the financial vetting of the inkjet printer and plate company.
a 🚀 I need to buy printer ink before i can do anything today please maybe i just wanted to wear pajamas today
sushi, abolitionist Fresh off the printer (room light givin it a really warm tint) matting and framing tomorrow. also..prints and website will be live tomorrow for my birthday
Josh Bieker Think it would be sick to get a 3D Printer at some point but I haven’t since I’m betting they probably cost a fortune
Chaos Incarnate Since when are there so many options for printer paper? 🤯
. I can’t stand my printer. I can’t print in black ink because the color ink ran out. How inconvenient!
BurninGems Z-axis and x-axis tonight. Slowly looking like a printer
-indy I remember when they cancelled my own self-published book on me after I’d already committed to the printer.
𝗚𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗼𝗹𝗱𝘆_𝟰 I;m so glad I'm intelligent enough to set up a printer on my Artix linux laptop
Monsignor Lemón I can’t wait to enjoy the same excitement of buying my first 3D printer with that of buying my first quantum computer
Cymru Nerd Cave 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 #IndyWales I can't get one of these (no printer), but if you do, you should!
Ink Technologies As we approach the restart of school in the new world, college students may prefer to print in their rooms rather than at a crowded library. Here are some of the more affordable printer options:
Pierson Computing Connection 3D-Printer Completes the Largest 3D-Printed Home in Europe – With 2 Stories and 980 Square Feet – in Just 3 Weeks
Anu 🇳🇬. #BLM Printing out applications on the work's printer server >>>>>
Rosulina Found this article on SSR. Where are these patents? Who was the partner? What happened to the code that he developed? Did Rhea steal this? Was this one of the reasons? SSR was designing a game and printer of his own; reveals a producer friend
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