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doesthatmakemecrazy Hannah Worsham I don't wear shoes at my desk and sometimes walk to the printer in just my socks if I'm alone. doesthatmakemecrazy
Duke University Press How printer delays, ink and paper shortages, shipping delays and other aspects of the global supply chain are affecting Duke University Press,
Secret Eros I got myself a 3d printer, I am visually pogging
Repay cruelty with kindness, love unconditionally. Incidentally; I am currently troubleshooting a last gen 3D printer and a this gen color laser printer, any bets on which one I get working first?! Or will I give up? Who's to say?!
Thomas Sell Performing 3D printer surgery
John Office is totally out of printer ink
Ryan Howe Dear @HP: make more printer cartridges
Storm Half an hour till I leave for class and I just did a 3 page essay on school busses At least it's done on time If only my laptop would work with the printer... I have to keep printing from my phone for some reason
AltKey ⴵ 🕊 End USD warmachine printer 🖨 ! It represents nothing, only your chains and misery around the world.
Yui Is Love New card. Whaddaya think? Picked it up from the printer's yesterday. The coloring is Strawberry and the lettering is something called "Silian Tea-Time"
FuckIT The Nasty Wench Printer/scanner at work is down…email is down…for my next trick I’m going to chisel messages into rocks and just throw them…FuckIT…anyone know where I can buy a messenger/homing pigeon or a well trained owl?
Okamigekidoo || Coms CLOSED I think I figured out how to download it??? But poor old me doesn't have a working printer anymore 😕
toasty People that buy wall scrolls and posters are insane bc I can fill up my wall for free with my printer but they choose the hundreds of dollars supporting the artists and companies way
Absolute Error Field A few years ago I attached a pizero to my printer to make it wireless. It's been working without issue ever since. Until today. And I have no idea what the login credentials are now
Microsoft Windows11 printer Peter J.M. Simons Microsoft confirms Windows11 printer problem, says a fix is coming by @ZDNet
Drake Mayors My printer's been unplugged for like a month and that makes me sad
Eric Dude Nelson Processing my birthday gift from my mom... a b&w laser printer
Ash Alom Impressed & amused 😆 that my almost 2 year old managed to press random buttons and somehow print pages of his fave nursery rhyme playlist whilst I was away from desk - annoyed at waste of my printer ink but precious moments non the less ❤️
SandRock When an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book
Trash Baby 🍭🦝 🚨ATTENTION🚨 My best friend has her own small shop & she makes things with her 3D printer. I’m asking for anything specific you guys would like to see from this kind of shop. I’m gonna show some things she’s done & y’all better share this thread
JohnnyZcash $HTR under $5 is like having your own money printer
sickman fraud Setting up my ma’s printer acc too stressful I can never have kids no patience
MUNATA Ramz The only progression I'm seeing is a HP printer prinitng out Ole's P45. Enough is enough. Get him and the coaching staff out of this club MUNATA
Noon 🌸 I'm going to hammer someone's haunted printer
𝐣𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐜𝐚 Jw why usain bolt is on a printer ink advert???? 🤨
ryan Idk what this says about me but I just got a printer to work and it made me the happiest I’ve ever felt in weeks
Hamanshiron Publishing is working on their shit Going to have to get the printer printing Magic tokens for Monday
omydog Computer, printer and mobile business across the world is slowly showing signs of chip scarcity, some Indian brands increased price for pc and printers
WideFormatWednesday Ricoh Colex GFI Digital Happy WideFormatWednesday! Finishing equipment, such as a flatbed digital cutter, is a necessary requirement for providers making investments in a digital wide-format printer or looking for ways to expand service offerings. Read more:
Negative Legend I'm learning how to use a 3D printer :) (spoiler: it's not easy and I keep fudging up)
Darth Sidious I know we are losing but I'm currently feeling some kind of happiness. The sack letter should already be in the printer by now
Eeriah I hasn't been two days since I put in a new cartridge in my printer and it's already almost out of ink 🙃
Allison Norris What's the most professional way to tell my clients "If you want things done faster, go to a private firm. It's just me an my laptop and my little home printer putting your application together. Be nice to me, I'm tired."
tech technie womenintech Diana J. Wilson Best photo printer 2021: Quality images and affordable options, compared 404
Lea Dzifa Seeberg The uni mag I used to edit needs printer recs! @jopayton, ideas?
نداء This printer has been in labour for 20mins, I just needed one page omg
Paul Maher Nanoscale lattices flow from 3D printer
dumbestgoth The audacity of a printer to complain about a power off
MacOdrum Library Our 3D printer had a dream last night and this morning shared it with someone who then shared it with me. They said it was about you printing something incredibly great. They said it made them feel loved. Learn more about 3D printing at the Library:
Patrick Go₿rrr 🌋🇦🇹 ∞/21M ⚡ Greenland? 🤔
Erin Heenan Hopefully I can get organized enough to have music printed for band practice. Sent the son to get ink for the printer and a folding stool. Here’s hoping my computer cooperates. 🤞
Sleepy Ebooks Just say and now on her ear shot or something that stuff i have a week later story and i cant even like twice a resin printer if we'd have a nuzlocke! its almost feels biased cause it in an older console
Ian Young Anyone have any recommendations on a good printer? 😑
LD Products Time for new ink! 🕓 Don't let your next "low ink message" surprise you...stock up on a few extra cartridges today so you can keep on printing, no matter what time your printer decides to run out of ink! 🖨️ 👍
Ethereum holmboy2000 Held through all the fund and still on Pace for 10k in 3 months crypto is just a money printer Ethereum
Steven It took ~6 months for my mining rig to pay itself off in full and now that I got my initial investment back the idea of free money printer just baffles me
3D weapon Politics Today Anyone who knows how to use CAD software or a laser or optical scanner, and has a 3D printer and filaments, can easily design and print a weapon, writes Hacı Mehmet Boyraz. Read full text
Louie Everyone’s uses the printer.
ace, chaos advocate 🌸 Giving all the parts i'm probably going to break, I think it'll be wise to invest in a 3d printer
textile printing Industrial Print Mag In the market for a textile printer? Check out our comprehensive Target Chart.
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