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Nick 2 days til im back Cigarettes, citrus perfume, the sun in summer, dandelion honey, paper that just came out of the printer
sammy Is anyone in @ShitChester selling or getting rid of a working printer ? Needed desperately to print off little ones school work 😫
LBNO Lennart Brian Nedergaard Olsen Lot about consumption and the 3D printer How does human taste BonBon land, as a prison for guessing gamers of flubi creation
stickers illustration ⚑Aga Maszota⚑ I bought new printer and while I wait for its arrival I'm making my head stickers for my scrapbook:D. stickers illustration
Nat Roman What if I put an ultrasonic blade on a 3D printer?
Amo $tether printer ?!?!
α΄€ΚŸα΄‘α΄€Κs ʙᴇ Κα΄α΄œΚ€s⁹ #γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†ε΅ Actually... i don’t think they’d weigh that much? Maybe like delight weight by itself... hmm... A4 size (printer paper) too πŸ€” storage case might be makes it weigh more
eloise bridgerton Printer please cooperate, I wanna go home na ghad
cesium sheep I kinda stopped existing for a couple weeks and forgot I found what may be a perfect dupe for my favorite hat (or even actually the same hat!). but I won’t be able to afford it for weeks TnT (printer ink this week, kirby books next week, probably manga backlog after. THEN hat.)
not fel ! Never mind i’m out of printer ink .
manolet sinco Need a riso printer hope to buy one. πŸ–¨οΈ
Maggie BLM ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 I finally have a display tablet like a big boy artist!! Next step: to get a pc that works well Tho I’ll need to buy a printer first I think So many things to purchase, so little money lmao
Mumbai Lawyer The print head of my expensive HP office jet pro simply committed suicide one day! Had barely used it over the years. Fun fact is that HP just didn’t have a replacement available on its website. resellers in India we’re charging a price that was almost equal to a new printer!
CryptoAdvised πŸ“ˆ Well money printer still go Brrr at the federal reserve
🌺 Naruto w/o fillers is so good ^ all facts no printer
Kenyan Okay at this rate...... We need a small portable Printer just like we have laptops
ʟΙͺʟΙͺ @ moots can you suggest what instax printer i should buy πŸ₯Ί
arnold cesar romero I’m over 35. No printer, no wife, no kids. Bliss. 😌
Jiren_🍿 My printer ran outta ink even..
3dprinting 3D Printing News New 5-Axis 3D Printer Seeks to Improve Additive Integrity by AndrewWheeler 3dprinting
✧ ☾ π–‡π–žπ–Š, π–Ž'𝖒 𝖆𝖓 π–†π–—π–Žπ–Šπ–˜ ☽ ✧ I really can be a good house person, i just measure my printer with a drum stick and assumed na kasya siya hahahaha
ChasingVisions My desktop printer is out of ink, we are in a lockdown and ink cartridges for 190 pages worth of ink are 5x as much as they were prior to the lockdown online.
This Is A Jacie Jays Stan Account πŸŒ»πŸ§˜πŸΎβ€β™€οΈβœ¨ If y’all could see the LENGTHS I went through to find ink for my printer so I can work on this sidereal workbook TONIGHT 😩 @PeoplesOracle
Don't You? Don't you cry when the printer cartridge robs you at gunpoint and you forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer before mom got home?
✰ I want to invest by buying a 3D printer
Scott Washam Office Space - Printer Scene (Clean Version) via @YouTube
TTV_KEEKZ_KLIKS Hunting Bonuses with The Printer, The Cashout and The Hunter!
V ✨ I fixed my printer all on my own πŸ˜‹
3M1l3 F1lT4R Once again, I'll be patient with this one. Love the fondamentals. Positive rebases are gonna compound all year with the bull market. Get the printer ready $SBS
Daniel J. Tomaso This is a first... a snow squall I was highlighting on the air inadvertently caused my show to freeze! The automatic print out of the NWS bulletin brought up a printer dialog box that froze the graphics. So while it can't snow locally it can still have impacts on me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
TimmyTechTV For 100 fake Timmybucks, name the 3d Printer.
2 Years with WayV #ᡍᡒᡗ⁷ᢠᡒʳᡉᡛᡉʳ‒ yungi au My first polaroid with my printer & it’s angel doyoung
GigerPunk Well that turned out alright after eight and a half hours and now means I can turn the printer 90Β° for *slightly* more desk space, though I think: a) maybe I could've printed a slightly shorter one b) I should pull the curtains out of the way when printing, just in case
JOSHUA GREEN Clearing out some clothes, found some things I designed. Figured I’d share. This is an example of how designs don’t always translate well, as well as why having a good printer is also very important
Tori πŸ‘‘ I feel official af with my label printer
K.M. Guess what was off exactly 2.2mm on my 3D printer?! The right Z screw!! (is that the right term?) Unfreakingbelievable!! Had cut off 2.2mm so that it would match the left side. I was able to EASILY level the bed and have had one successful test print after another all day. 🀬
e l e v a t o r My sister dropped printer ink on the ground and it splatted so now I have lovely magenta stains on my shoes
DEX Imaging Why do inkjet cartridges dry out?
Hespera Smith ☿ 3d Printer is still having trouble getting filament through, I'm gonna have to wait for a 0.4mm needle file to arrive so I can clean it out, fortunately they're cheap
πŸŒΎγ΅γ‚γ‚°γƒƒγ‚­β·πŸŒΎ Today i have once again reaffirmed my hatred towards my home printer :-(((((
Liam β˜”πŸŒΉ The first one can be made on my printer and do myself..... Pablo was the most wanted man in the whole of the West and managed to seek a pic outside the whitehouse
ODSP alysm745 There is the issue of how to send in the Human Rights violation claim forms to ODSP. There are only 3 options for submitting: mail, fax or in person. Fax is accessible to me if a free fax app on cell, but not everyone else can. I can't access a printer or post office, some can
Fellow Feelings I've been trying for months to return a thermal printer to @UPS ,called every number I could find and still have had no help. I'm beyond frusterated
Evan Any of my friends have an extra 3D printer (used or unused, but fully working) they're trying to offload? Considering getting into it and want to try it out on a cheaper used setup before I invest much in it
4lterlife (IU LOCKDOWN) Ok we have a problem, i have no space to put this printer on, so i made space on my desk but is throwing off all my workspace aesthetic
$ Still haven’t gotten ink for my printer.
Sean Rubin (PASSOVER GUEST 🌸 Jan 19!) Thinking about how I had a poster printer in our dorm in college, and while you'd think this was a nerdy/silly thing to have around, it was insanely useful and people (girls) asked to print things on it all the time
Lil Shadie Boy Not a fan of this foo but as a printer, this is amazing. That puff ink is beautiful
Mungo Matoshi Money printer goes brrr
Eɴᴠʏ LΚΙ΄α΄’α΄‡α΄‡πŸ¦„πŸ’• I love having a wireless printer πŸ–¨ It’s the little things
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