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Two-Fisted Library Stories Wow! Can @icatalogthings avoid being caught by the detestable broken printer in the illegal multimedia room?
sℎereℓ❥ As an adult you reallyyyyyy appreciate having a printer in the house! 😇
daniel ♥ youngjae Is it worth it getting a circuit printer to make (possibly sell) stickers and stuch 🤔
quotes that FUCK ME UP!!! Now wouldn't it be the best if all the answers to our questions came as sheepish realizations obvious in retrospective like the answer for anxiety that's crept into your head is as simple as your printer - you forgot to plug it in?
Ria ☾* (WW KEY & AESPA GO!) We might be gettin our stuff to the new house the first week of October. So yes I'm running these GOs from here with literally nothing, unless I buy new ones & borrow a printer at Staples lol. It's been nice having something to do that's not related to repairs/moving tho, ngl!
Justin J. So two or three days ago I had mostly finished building my RG Sazabi when an earthquake hits, knocking it over onto where my printer is. The head antenna was lost until I found that my printer was jammed a few minutes ago. After getting the piece out, the printer stopped working
Bonez Cleaned computer printer with wipes from top to bottom a few minutes ago
Labour Policy Bot No person in this country should be without a Printer, we will ensure access to Printers for all. Today we announce our Central Printers Service, which will help to fix this terrible unfairness
chan⁷ is 📚 | lyly day ! Fax, no printer tea, spilled eren, no mother erwin, no arm Hotel, trivago
mark⁷𖧵🦔💎 Since when do i have a printer ?? anyways @Santikombat3111 i have your thing bae 🥺🤳 i’ll give it to you during co 😍😍
Mississippi Free Press And thank you for appreciating our efforts, Michele! 💜 Help us grow our nonprofit journalism by donating whatever you can! >>
Charasan I'm sitting here with a plugged in power cord in my hand, looking for a place to set my printer. And I won't lie...the thought "LICK IT" has popped into my head more times than I think is healthy
Angela I love the library, but I had no idea they offered these services. My library has a sewing machine, a 3D printer, video editing software, a sticker maker, and more available to just use. For free! More tax money to libraries please!
sevarb2🔺 😂 Chinese Powell equivalent turning on that money printer? Brrr
¨̮ (。•ᴗ•。) ¨̮ Low quality bcs i printed it on paper only but they still look so good✨ (i might have use my office’s paper and printer, sorry boss🤭)
Dennis🏴🦝 Ironically I have the companion guide to Philosophical investigations but not the actual book Printer goes brrrrrrr
J.C How to fix the Windows 0x0000011b network printing error A security bypass vulnerability exists in the way the Printer Remote Procedure Call (RPC) binding handles authentication for the remote Winspool interface," explains a support bulletin about the vulnerability
billionaires US FED richest pandemic Radwan Rahman (1/10) We saw the wealth of billionaires skyrocket since 2020 due to the US FED's money printer going brrrr.. The richest have gained about $3.9 trillion dollars since the pandemic which is insane and just not the way civilized society should be
🛸Chris | Developer Advocate I went to buy a printer twice. Both stores, different stores, sold out
Bunny You know your ED is bad when you try and look up ‘crying’ in MFP as an exercise 😭😭
mesmer🌙 My printer working in over drive trying to print out a reading guide my teacher forgot to print 🥵
Dark Raven I decided which 3D resin printer I am gonna buy: but they are out of stock for who knows how long. Looking forward to printing out more custom parts though. I’ve got plans
Britt Day 1/14 without my laptop. I hate it here. My school issued laptop is so hard to use and I can’t print from it at my house. Even if I attach it with a usb cable to the printer
sivan Wishing I bought a printer right about now
月が綺麗ですね Mfp tuh apa motherfuckin princess?
Emily M Little I bought this doofus a very nice bed so he can be in my office with me. He likes my printer more
SeaBastian4X 🌊🔱🧜‍♂️ It's 2:35 am. Home from work. New cannulation of a patient with pretty bad case of phlebitis, guiding my student, meeting, home. Had the genius idea of buying my first 3D printer to make cosplay props much easier
ArtForSale lamps lighting HomeDecor Gypsy Witch Creations ♏♑♏ I have just received word from my drop ship printer that prices on Uniqube Cube Lamps have dropped...permanently! AND you can choose to pay in 4 equal payments interest free!
businesssense businesscents Tyler Apparently if your Brother printer stops working under warranty, sending a new one is cheaper than fixing it… I Don’t know how, but i’ll reap the benefits 🤷🏼‍♂️ Thanks @BrotherOffice businesssense businesscents
bitcoin bitcoin Asgard.THOR⚡ Remember when China chased away bitcoin mining, didn't want anything to do with bitcoin, I think btc is saying to Chinese officials fck you, yes it's dumping, but we a safe, while other people are thinking of bailouts. If the printer is ready, then bounce will be huge
Bitcoin "Vote @JustinTrudeau and buy the dip!" - GodMarco financial advice 2021 We want the money printer to go brrrrrrrr! Then thanks me when you will be millionaire. Bitcoin is our escape! Gn! Also buy $link!
THE THRILL I bought a new printer today it works great ☺️
Emmaline🍓 #SaveGoodGirls Why does setting up a printer take every single one of my brain cells
Tammy Blackwell “If everyone knows that book levels are bad, why do they still do them.” “I just realized Elsa’s shoes look like Cinderella’s.” “I need a 3D printer.” Things Little Sister has announced over the last 10 minutes for no discernible reason
Fox Same i’m really a monochromatic cyborg printer from 3335 sent to hunt all transient beings
🍂🍄🎃🕷🐈‍⬛🌙🍂 This is a 911 situation guys do i know anyone with a printer who would let me use it
Elise Swan It's so frustrating being unable to share my art when I've been drawing nonstop for weeks. I need a working phone with a decent camera and/or a printer/scanner
James Trying to set up a wireless printer. Should've taken 5 minutes, something isn't letting it connect
Goon Doc When your 3D printer becomes a money printer.
Melia Antifa Woohoo, printing from System 7 works! Now I got a network printer for my PCs and my Macs
🥌 Tiona, 5.55: World's Okayest GNB It is the end of an era. Shortly after getting married, spouse and I bought a mono laser printer. Today, some eight years later, we finally had to replace the toner cartridge
zu✿⁷ The best part of going back to the office is having access to a printer regularly so i can print bts photos for my bullet journaling for free lmao
Leo.C 🌏🚀🔴 I wish people wouldn't spruik 3D printers based on their own personal experience, no printer is statistically reliable as a washing machine or even a paper printer and that's just the truth. If you want to do no maintenance get it printed by professionals
yaoiphobia🐈‍⬛ @ PINBALL!!! WAFURI GLOBAL NOW Can someone make me a pokemon allister mask with their 3d printer because i don't want to pay like $70 for one
jet 🪱 My first printer axie, a double anemone aqua :D
David’s Bot I highly dislike all printers apple make a printer and ill buy it
suhasLL149 8 Things You Should Know About HP® Instant Ink® Before Signing Up – Printer Guides and Tips from LD Products - - can be $1 extra per page if you go over -- keep a non-instaink as backup, or plan how much you'll need then upgrade the account, then downgrade
Ethel Zine and Micro Press Ethel 8 update: finally got Ethel 8 sent to the printer, working on cutting out a few hundred shapes for the cover, soon will start sewing covers, and then they will need to be bound (sorry for the delay contributors, but the issue IS coming!)
nofun This is maybe the first time I have been excited to set up a printer
jenny humphrey stan account Hermione was always loud and wrong just like a printer paper looking woman