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Jan 21, 2010

Sharp Introduces Color MX-C400P and Monochrome MX-B400P Office Laser Printers

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA) today introduced the new MX-C400P and MX-B400P color and monochrome laser printers. Augmenting Sharp’s Frontier Series, these new workgroup printers provide dealers and end-users with an easy-to-use printer that provides a low total cost of ownership and a robust feature set. Based on the award-winning engine of its MFP counterparts, the MX-C400P and MX-B400P deliver speed and functionality in a single function product that can meet the output needs of mid-volume business workgroups with integration and networking features that make them extremely versatile.

Sharp MX-C400P

Sharp MX-C400P

The new MX Series printers are an extension of the award-winning A4 Frontier Series from Sharp. Engineered using a common architecture, the MX-C400P and MX-B400P employ the same engine, print controller, supplies and maintenance items, paper drawers and finishing items. These printers have been designed for workgroups with a monthly print volume of 5,000 to 8,000 pages and can yield up to four times more pages than traditional stand-alone units that employ mono-unit consumables, which are, ultimately, limited by toner yield.

“Because these new printers utilize the same engine as our Frontier MFPs, end-users who don’t need scanning and copying capabilities will still get the same powerful controller, output quality, throughput, paper handling, connectivity and security features, but at a fraction of the cost,” said Gary Bailer, Associate Director A4 MFPs, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. “These products provide our dealers with the ability to provide a full, end-to-end Frontier solution that will greatly reduce an end-user’s cost of ownership. By blending the cost per copy between fully-networked MFPs and printers, offices operate more efficiently and manage their document processing more effectively.”

From Superior Process Comes Superior Product

Sharp employs a global product development process in which management, business development, R&D, product development, marketing, manufacturing, training and customer service teams all work collaboratively during each stage of the product development process. This gives Sharp a 360-degree view of the MFP market, allowing the company to form a common platform strategy in which the core components of its product line are designed, developed and manufactured together. Components, software and processes are engineered to be shared across engine platforms, making Sharp’s products “look and act” similarly across virtually all segments of the market. The culmination of this approach is a line of award-winning products universally praised for exceptional reliability and superior performance.

A result of Sharp’s Best of Breed manufacturing process, the MX-C400P and B400P utilize the same supplies as Frontier MFPs. This quick-replace, long-life tri-component supply system maximizes the life of each supply item, reducing in-stock inventory and lowering total cost of ownership. The quick-replace cartridge design also reduces downtime.

From Superior Process Comes Superior Product Sharp employs a global product development process in which management, business development, R&D, product development, marketing, manufacturing, training and customer service teams all work collaboratively during each stage of the product development process.

MX-C400P and MX-B400P workgroup laser printers also feature an expandable, versatile design to meet the business requirements of office environments. Each printer is configurable with up to four paper drawers and employs an auto paper size sensing for paper sizes up to legal. In total each model can facilitate up to 2,100 sheets. Drawers install in just minutes and with its optional inner finisher, each printer can fit in environments where space is at a premium.

Customizable Business Solutions With Sharp OSA® Technology

These printers support the third-generation Sharp OSA development platform (Ver. 3.5), allowing them to be integrated with network-based applications. Sharp OSA technology enables dealers and developers to create fully networked and customized document solutions to meet virtually any business need. With Sharp OSA technology, businesses can securely connect devices with a wide range of enterprise applications, including document management applications, reporting functions and internally developed programs.

Sharp OSA technology makes accessing an application from the printer a similar experience to using a workstation, minimizing steps and time to complete tasks. The MX-C400P and MX-B400P come standard with the Application Communication and External Accounting modules, providing an added level of customization and flexibility via a high-resolution graphical UI and support for additional protocols, such as HTML and JAVA.

Network Security

The multi-tiered, award-winning Sharp Security Suite is included in the MX-C400P and MX-B400P, which means it meets the requirements set forth in the IEEE 2600™-2008 standard, as well as IPv6 and full IPsec support. The Sharp Security Suite can be enhanced through data security kits that protect document data using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption and secure data erase, which can overwrite the hard drive up to seven times. The units also offer several layers of added security such as IP/MAC address filtering and SSL encryption. In addition, they offer local and network user authentication to ensure only authorized access to the devices.

Simplified Workflow

The MX-C400P and MX-B400P include the “Direct Print” function, allowing users to access and print documents on a server directly from the printer. These printers also enable a user to access documents online that might be stored on an FTP server, USB drive, or stored on the printer’s hard disk drive for faster recall. The MX-C400P and MX-B400P can print up to 40 PPM and feature a high speed controller, a 4.3 inch Q-VGA color display, 1200 x 1200 DPI print resolution, and an 80 GB HDD.

Ideal For Mps Initiatives

MX Series printers will also help dealers enhance the MPS services they offer. When placed in a mixed platform/blended CPC environment, MX Series printers are ideal for offices that don’t have a great need for copy and scan capabilities, but still want to maximize their print volume. With Sharp Security Suite and networking features, these printers are an ideal compliment to Sharp mid-volume MFPs.

“Managing these printers becomes much easier when you consider the networking features they provide. These printers can be installed in almost any work environment seamlessly and will provide connectivity, remote management and security options that are comparable to full-featured MFPs,” Bailer said. “This results in decreased downtime and maintenance costs, and a much more efficient system for managers to monitor usage.”

The MX-C400P and MX-B400P will be available exclusively via authorized Sharp dealers and direct sales.

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